3 Environmental Benefits of Hydrogen Energy

Have you heard of hydrogen energy? If you haven’t and are here to learn more about the same, you have come at a perfect time. So, before we talk about the benefits that you stand to get from hydrogen energy, I would love to make you understand what kind of energy it is.

First, the universe has a mixture of a wide range of components. Every component has a crucial role in the world’s making. Among the most plentiful elements in the world include oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen. 75 percent of the world is occupied by hydrogen which plays a huge role in supporting life. Also, it helps other various living species to live. Hydrogen may be used to create energy and this why we are writing this article today.

Now that you know a little bit about hydrogen energy, here are some environmental benefits that you can get from hydrogen energy.

Clean energy source

Unlike other energy sources, Hydrogen is a clean energy source.  When you burn hydrogen to generate fuel, the products are completely safe. This only means they do not have side effects. Most aeronautical companies utilize hydrogen as a source of drinking water. For astronauts on space stations or ships, once hydrogen is used, it is usually turned into the water for consumption.

Therefore, hydrogen hugely lessens pollution. Once is mixed with oxygen in a fuel cell, electricity is generated. The power may be utilized to power cars as the source of heat. Hydrogen generates two by-products; heat and water. 

It’s efficient

When compared to other energy sources, hydrogen is more efficient. The fact is that hydrogen is capable of conveying a lot of potential energy for each fuel pound. Therefore, any automobile that makes use of hydrogen energy is likely to travel many miles as compared to one with the same gasoline amount. If you thus need a source of energy that is efficient and does not contaminate the environment, consider hydrogen.

It is produced from water

If you have heard of electrolysis, this is where it is applicable. This is a procedure that is utilized to separate water to generate oxygen and hydrogen. Renewable energy may be utilized to power electrolyzers to generate hydrogen from water. The use of renewable energy offers a sustainable mechanism that is petroleum products independent and does not pollute the atmosphere.

Among the renewable sources utilized to power, electrolyzers are hydro, tidal, and wind energy. Once the hydrogen is generated in an electrolyzer, it may be utilized in a fuel cell to make electricity. Heat and water are the by-products of the fuel cell. In case the fuel cells work at increased temperatures the mechanism might be staged as a co-generator through the waste energy utilized for heating.


Apart from getting the environmental benefits from hydrogen energy, there are many benefits we can get. That is why it is good to use renewable energy sources like solar. There is nothing perfect. But the benefits of hydrogen energy outweigh its disadvantages.

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